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Visual Facilitation and Complementary Services

In addition to our visual minuting for live events we also have a range of complementary services including:

  • Process facilitation to help maximise the impact of engagement events. With over 25 years’ experience of facilitation, we can make your event shine!
  • Visualising reports, visions, and strategies. Taking text-dense documents and giving them a breath of fresh air. A product that can be displayed for all to see.
  • Developing animations to bring static visuals to life. With the shift to digital documents why not be ahead of the game and bring some energy into the summary by providing a short video using bespoke images to illustrate the key messages.
We have also honed the skills of visual minuting into an accredited training course that will provide professional development opportunities for you or your members of a team.


Anna and Carrie have extensive knowledge and skills in process facilitation, including Appreciative Inquiry, World Café and Pinpoint facilitation. The combination of a good codesigned process that is expertly facilitated and a visual representation that is developed live is a very powerful. It captures the passion and commitment that is generated during a session and encourages ownership of the visual output and actions agreed.

This service provides 2 consultants. One to facilitate the group process (Process Facilitator) and one to capture the discussion in a visual synthesis of the of the group’s conversation (Visual Facilitator).

Graphic recording of events

Studio Work

Are you wanting to capture an event that has already taken place? Or maybe you have some information that you would like to present in a more accessible way. This could be your strategy or vision, it maybe that you’d like your company values represented in a visually engaging way or produce some advertising materials to promote an event. Given the content we can produce a visual summary or picture that captures those messages, tells the story and gives you something that will enable you to open up a conversation that will make a difference.

Studio work

Animated Films

It is widely accepted that having a visual way to communicate a concept or message will help your audience remember the narrative that you have to tell them. Working from a script that is provided by you we can transform your communication into a short film that animates hand drawn images that will accompany the narrative.

Professional Development

Have you ever seen someone creating a visual minute at an engagement event and thought I'd love to be able to do that? Well now you can! This is a unique opportunity to gain a qualification in visual minuting for engagement events. It is the first accredited course for visual practice in the UK and it is only available on the MutualiLearn platform. The course will give you confidence that you have all the knowledge and skills you need to be able to step into the room and capture, live, a visual minute of an engagement event.

You have the flexibility to either register for a formal qualification which will give you a level 2 qualification with 9 units of learning attached to it. Or to do it just for the fun of it. Whatever you choose, it is a comprehensive programme with guided learning.

So here is what you need to know
There are approx 90 hours of learning, completed at your own pace.
Within this time you will watch 35 tutorials, develop a portfolio of practice sheets, complete some online quizzes and submit 10 assessment pieces.
The cost is: £ 885.00 +VAT (£1,062.00 inclusive of VAT)

This price includes registration, assessment, and verification for an accredited qualification through the Open College Network (OCN)

Team Building

Are you looking for something that is a little different to bring the team together and do something that is creative but will also have a positive impact on practice. We can teach basic visual facilitation skills that will be fun, creative and energising for a team. We will supply all the resources needed. People will receive a starter pack providing all the equipment and materials necessary to develop visual recording skills that they can immediately build into their practice.

Graphic recording
Team working
Studio work

"Anna has provided graphic facilitation at our Child House workshops in London. She was able to listen and collate complex conversations about the very sensitive subject of child sexual abuse. She created beautiful images that captured the heart of the conversation - with professionals and adult survivors - and she is reliable, fun and great to work with!"

Emma Harewood
Transformation Lead, Implementing Child House model

"Anna has both trained a number of colleagues in Ascentia Corporate Coaching with core graphic facilitation skills and provided graphic facilitation for us at a key event. She is very talented, lovely to work with and produces impactful graphic images that convey so much more of a conversation and journey than purely the words. I would recommend her highly."

Sandra Henson
Systemic Executive Coach, Team Coach, Leadership Development and MD

Some of the organisations we have worked for