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Graphic Recording Services

Graphic Recording of events including:

  • Meetings; team meetings, away days, seminars
  • Engagement events/Consultation Events; to share information and gather views of delegates
  • Group Discussions; to explore wicked problems that present a challenge to the organisation/team/service. Where more of the same is not the solution.
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • This service will provide a visual minute of the event
Graphic recording of events

Graphic Facilitation

Events/sessions/conversations that can be supported through the use of visual imagery. This service will facilitate the group to move through a process that will support their thinking it may be a visioning event, process mapping, and service design.

In this situation the graphic facilitator will interact directly with the group, seeking to capture the collective thought process and ultimately represent the journey that the group has been on.

New Possibilities is also able to offer a process and graphic facilitation service. This service provides 2 consultants. One to facilitate the group process (Process Facilitator) and one to capture the discussion in a visual synthesis of the of the groups conversation (Graphic Facilitator).

Studio Work

Are you wanting to capture an event that has already taken place? Or maybe you have some information that you would like to present in a more accessible way. This could be your strategy or vision, it maybe that you’d like your company values represented in a visually engaging way. Given the content we can produce a visual summary or picture that captures those messages, tells the story and gives you something that will enable you to open up a conversation that will make a difference.

Studio work

Animated Films

It is widely accepted that having a visual way to communicate a concept or message will help your audience remember the narrative that you have to tell them. New Possibilities works with a Partner Film Company to help you do just that. Working from a script that is provided by you we can transform your communication into a short film that uses hand drawn animation that will accompany the narrative.


New Possibilities is able to offer in house graphic facilitation/recording training courses to equip people with the skills and knowledge that they need to use visual communication techniques in their presentations, on Flipcharts and to engage with stakeholders. Please contact us for more information.

Graphic recording
Team working
Studio work

"Anna has provided graphic facilitation at our Child House workshops in London. She was able to listen and collate complex conversations about the very sensitive subject of child sexual abuse. She created beautiful images that captured the heart of the conversation - with professionals and adult survivors - and she is reliable, fun and great to work with!"

Emma Harewood
Transformation Lead, Implementing Child House model

"Anna has both trained a number of colleagues in Ascentia Corporate Coaching with core graphic facilitation skills and provided graphic facilitation for us at a key event. She is very talented, lovely to work with and produces impactful graphic images that convey so much more of a conversation and journey than purely the words. I would recommend her highly."

Sandra Henson
Systemic Executive Coach, Team Coach, Leadership Development and MD

Some of the organisations we have worked for