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If like us, you have moved your “in the room” engagement events to using an online platform so have we. We have developed 3 options to make your online events engaging, dynamic and memorable.

Virtual Meeting; Visual Minuting - Option 1

Live stream of visual minute of the session recorded on wide format paper during the event.

The visual practitioner will join via the meeting platform using 2 devices. One will show the development of the visual minute real time and be kept in the main room. The other device will be used to view the presentations and navigate between the different break out rooms.

The visual practitioner will capture the essence of key messages and themes from the initial context setting, group discussions and the feedback from facilitators at the end. If appropriate the visual practitioner can feedback what has been captured in the record.

Following the event, the record will be completed, scanned and cleaned up digitally to provide high- and low-resolution images that can be shared with participants and a wider audience if appropriate. This will be available within 24 hours following the session.

Visual minute created in real time during an online session

This is an example of a visual minute created in real time during an online session. Having this to share at the end of the session provides an immediate output from the event. It validates people’s contributions and enables you to engage a wider audience in a development process.

Virtual Meeting; Visual Synthesis - Option 2

Attendance at online meeting and digital summary created post event providing a visual synthesis of themes and key messages

The visual practitioner will join the session using one device, join the different breakout groups take notes and listen for key messages and themes.

Post event using the content developed by the visual practitioner, facilitator notes and saved chat a visual image will be created for you.

This is a more reflective and strategic resource.

The digital image will be made available for distribution both to participants and a wider audience within 5 working days of the event taking place.

Visual, reflective synthesis of the conversations that have taken place

This is an example of a visual, synthesis of the conversations that have taken place. Using a visual metaphor to add another layer to the information gathered during the event enables deeper communication of the enablers and blockers identified to the successful implementation of agreed outcomes.

Virtual Meeting; Combined Offer - Option 3

The combination of Option 1 and 2 – Live Visual Minutes and a Visual Synthesis.

The visual practitioner will join the event and produce a live visual minute of the conversations that take place which has an immediate impact and validates people’s contributions.

Post event, using the saved chat the visual practitioner will develop a visual summary pulling together the outcome of the conversations into a visual that will clarify and amplify what needs to happen and enable this to be communicated with a wider audience.

Live visual minute that was produced during an online workshop

This is an example of a live visual minute that was produced during an online workshop it captures the key messages and themes coming from the presentations made.

It can serve as a visual reminder of the content and structure of the day.

Digital synthesis there is less detailed content however it captures the areas for development

This is an example of the visual synthesis of a keynote presentation which encapsulated the focus of workshops and presentations that took place at the staff conference shown in the example above.

It was produced post event and is intended to be used to communicate with a wider audience to challenge, inspire and motivate a shift in mindset.

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"Anna has fantastic graphic skills and is exceptional in how she is able interpret and present summaries of discussions. She is an excellent facilitator and I would have no hesitation in commissioning further work from New Possibilities."

Sharon Bailey
SGB Social Care Management and Consultancy Services Ltd

"I attended one of Anna's graphics skills workshops and was delighted with the overflowing toolbox I came away with! Techniques, tips and practical applications were delivered with energy, enthusiasm and expertise. A very professional workshop. Great learning, a lot of fun and further proof that, with the right trainer, anyone can add their own powerful images to their flip charts, Pinboards and presentations."

Bruce Rowling
Freelance Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

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